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PERICA JERKOVI? (Pae-ree-tza Yae-r-ko-vee-ch)

For the fans of Slovenian stand-up comedy, PericaJerkovi? is a well-known name since he is the most experienced stand-up comedian in Slovenia. As a founding member of Komikaze group, he has made a lasting impression with an autobiographical show “Rojen v Jugi”(Born in YU).

As a student and an activist of the Koper student club, Perica has started with film comedy at first and then with stand-up comedy. In 2003 he has initiated a student stand-up  show "CeuSmeh," (The Whole Laughter), which was so successful that it was performed for four years and the Koper Theater was always full to the last seat. With same-minded people, he founded the group Komikaze in 2007 with which he created three performances: Accept and survive, Action and Banzaaaj. As an actor and scenarist, he collaborated in the advertising campaign Gofla. Perica is also an author and director of numerous skits as part of the Komikaze production.

Perica combines classical stand-up narration with one-liners and sometimes interrupts it with segments full of mimicry and gesticulation. His monologue is like an easily wrapped abundance of sarcasm and (self) irony.


Lent 2010