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HUSEIN ŠAKANOVI?(Hoo-sae-een Sha-ka-no-veech)

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Šakanovi? seeked out his fortune in Croatia and then in Slovenia. With his pleasant character and confused personality, he quickly gained attention of the audience.

Šakanovi? is a comedian whose performance is accentuated with an on-stage presence. His narration of autobiographical stories is honest and rather naďve. Odd rhythm of speech and pause that Husein naturally inserts in places  where there usually aren’t in normal speech, adds an extra intensity to his performances. Suspense that is sometimes basic and human is also surprisingly clever and at times surreal.

Even though his humor is most of the time autobiographical, it is not only based on self-irony. Husein inter-weaves trivia as well as harsh political and socio-critical stories into his narratives, in which cases he takes sides of a worker, labourer, the small man. All this is finely put together in a naďve and nice package.