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DAPACH (Daa-paa-ch)

He was born very small and from early childhood was a wonder boy, which later on proved to be true – he learned to walk when he was six and started to talk at 13. Dapach comes from Zagreb and is a good guy, painter, blogger, dancer, cyclist, loves music and to ‘run-away’ to the country, single and…what else?!

Between wandering around the green areas of his native Dubrava and the rest of the world, he has developed his own view of reality. Because of such, an odd perception, things around him often ask him ‘What are you shaving?’. To which he answers ‘Head and balls!’.

They called him 'Crazy son of a bitch' in America, 'El Loco' in Spain and no one ever called him in Croatia. He simply came by himself.

Dapach talks about life fears in travels around and throughout the world. A lot of things are still not really clear to him either, where others are really clear ahead of time. He is a firm narrator yet his stories often end on a completely different end than what was perhaps expected at the beginning.