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DUDA BALENOVI? (Doo-da Ba-lae-no-vee-ch)

Duda is a 30 year old Zagreb WC (Vedri Veseli Curetal joyful happy girl, yet in original version two Vs and one C make WC). We can put her on stage for twice the less money that is needed to install a toilet in Zagreb. If necessary, we can draw a circle on her where it says PUSH.

She is a breath of fresh air among the male stand-up comedians and she is the only one that uses a deodorant stick! She is not the only Croatian stand-up comedian, yet she is the only one that has an extra half added-she has a proof when checking her weight.

She likes to make jokes about herself and doesnt have legs that go all the way to the floor, yet her tongue is. Due to her figure, she could be a lid for every pot.

With one word this woman is well rounded round on all four sides.