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MARKO PETAR OREŠKOVI? (Maar-ko Pe-taar O-rae-shko-vee-ch)

A man with two names and one last name and is not a Gemini by accident and he is the most likely the biggest jolly man among us! 
Comes from Zagreb. And has the reputation of the best impersonator and animator on the Croatian stand-up scene. As a comedian, he is more or less useless. The audience laughs yet the co-workers aren’t really sure why? Perhaps they mixed something into their drinks?
Marko Petar never forgives and even less farts. With his finger he points up and down, left and right and even points his finger at himself when necessary. And he doesn’t spare people who think they are public celebrities. You want to be a celebrity? Than prepare yourself to be talked about on stage by MPO.

He represents those who are retired, former two-time state champion in aerobics; he is a comedian who doesn’t think twice. With one word he is Markopeteroreškovi?.