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MIRKO FABRIS KRAV (Meer-ko Faa-bree-s Kraa-v)

Mirko started his stand-up career in 2009 through an open-mic project and has showed the potential with which he has won multiple times at various competitions.

The following year he has become a regular member of the Studio smijeha (Studio of Laughter) in Zagreb and started to perform on stages in Croatia and Slovenia. He has done more than 50 shows, most of them in Bjelovar(CRO), Novo Mesto(SLO) and at the Skini festival. He has trouble sleeping and often imagines he is a psychologist.

Performes under the alias Krav, which he himself defines as mutated male cow with only one udder. (Krava is a feminine word that means cow and the word krav is masculine, which does not exist although logically it would mean the male cow hence the meaning behind the alias)