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Kevin Hayes (UK)

Hayes has a more subtle brand of humour and a gift for getting the audience eating out of his hand. Then his outrageous jokes jump up and headbutt you. He is insightful, intelligent, and incredibly funny. It's all served up with a dose of political satire as he talks about things that shouldn't be funny but it's a relief when they are' THE EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS

'The best thing about Kevin Hayes is that his jokes are really funny, something which some comics think is not as important as being clever. Hayes is clever too and his best material is a mixture of surrealism and satire. He handles religion and politics with a light but incisive touch' THE STAGE

'This man is gold!' THE SCOTSMAN

'Here is a great Irish comic. His dry, smooth wit is wondrous' THE IRISH TIMES

'Some of the finest and most intelligent comedy I have seen on this or any other Fringe' 'DB' MAGAZINE, ADELAIDE