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MARINA ORSAG (Ma-ree-na Or-saag)

Marina Orsag is the only female comedian in Croatia with more than 500 shows in her five year long career where she equally enjoys making audience laugh and laughing herself. She hopes there will be at least ten times more shows because that feeling of making people laugh is, as Marina says, one of the best feelings ever. Except in Croatia where she even performed for the president of Croatia, Mesi?, she won the laughs of audiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia where she is a regular. In February of 2010, Marina debuted at the oldest festival in Europe, Leicester Festival in England where she amazed the British audience in London.

Born and grew up in Zagreb and after completed School of Economics, goes to New York where she is introduced to stand-up comedy and quietly waits for her opportunity to make her dream come true in Croatia. Five years later that dream has come true and has lasted ever since.

Cynicism, irony and simplification of facts makes her audience laugh their asses off.
She has a meter and a wish to grow. Born couple of days after New Years and is Capricorn in horoscope. Cannot sit in one place and always has ants in pants and hopes, it will stay like that forever and hopes to keep the kid in her, being mature more and more, day by day.


Lent 2010

pas Fest 2010