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Stand Up Comedy Workshop

The art of public performance has always been a valued virtue throughout history. Life brings a variety of different situations on a daily basis. They effect our public appearance, our personality and attitude towards others and the society in which we live. Due to current trends in technology, communication is becomimg more and more one-way directed. People´s need for live interaction with one another is increasing, hence a two-way communication is getting its due. People have a need to hear and see their fellow citizens, their neighbors, friends face to face and experience their physical presence.  
?Stand up? has been more or less the same: an individual stands and represents themselves in which case their personality comes into the first plan. Expertness of stand up art demands a lot of effort to achieve the simplicity and sincerity of the rhetorician.
Education is intended for all who wish to strengthen their capability of public performance in stand up comedy.

Educational workshops for public performers of stand up comedy are realized in 10 sessions. It encompasses approximately 60 hours of training, which is carried out on Saturdays and Sundays through several strands of workshop programme.


PSYCHOPHYSICAL PREPARATIVE TRAINING: Learning how to balance the psychological techniques and physical changes during live performance.

PENMANSHIP OF SCRIPT: Understanding the differences between written and spoken text, and how literary text changes into spoken one.

CONFRONTING THE AUDIENCE: basic communication with the auditorium.
FEED-BACK: self-critical view and video-analysis.

A human way of notion
Setting up in space
Harmony balance - plank
Neutral behaviour and relaxation (BUTO)
Neutral mask
?Ping Pong?
Human characters
Dominant ?Ping Pong?
Curtain – microphone – reflector
Preparation of performance
First public performance in front of the audience (club)
Video review and self-criticism
Second public performance in front of the audience

Mentor: Željko Vukmirica

"Željko Vukmirica was born in Zagreb in 1953. He graduated in 1976 at the Academy of Theater, Film, Radio, and Television under the mentorship of professor Hajdarho?i?. He is a member of ITD theater and a co-founder of drama workshop ?Pozdravi? (?Greetings?)

He was a member of ITD theatre and a co-founder of theatre workshop »Greetings« (Pozdravi), which was a big international hit in the70’s. Three years later he became a professor of acting for the first generation of actors in his acting studio of Croatian National Theatre in Split. His solo career started with a performance »History of my stupidity«(Zgodovina moje neumnosti), which was performed approximatly 1000 times between the years 1979 to 1989. In 1984, he became a member of drama theatre Gavella. To improve his acting technique, he spent a year at the Academy for Theater Arts in Paris, under the mentorship of prof. Mario Gonzalles. Shortly after he joined a writer Dinko Stambak, who createded a core of Croatian intellectual circle in Paris. Upon his return home, Vukmirica and Srdjan Sori? cofounded an actor’s lab in hope to ‘find’ a ‘new opera’. The lab’s premiere performance was Gluhlampe. Together with Rui?, Vukmirica was a co-director of film titled Nausikaja, which earned them an Oscar nomination in 1996.